Past Events

Cofounder-Day FS23 was a huge success! It was held at The Oval Office at Swisscom and many interesting applicants with different backgrounds attended. Valuable connections were created and we had some amazing inputs from S2S Ventures, Startfeld and Grape Health.

The Thrive or Die Workshop was a very insightful event that was organised together with The Hub! Microsoft for Startups presented everything around creating your startup and we got input on a personal story from the creator of LotusCreative.

In collaboration with Universa and HSG Alummni, we organized a workshop, dedicated for female forunders.

At our very first event, 50 students coming from various backgrounds found together at the HQ of FELFEL.

On December 2, we visited the headquarters of Planted. We learned about their way to success and the struggles they overcame to get where they are now.

On February 26, we jointly organized the Challenge Day 2022 with START Global and ETHSG. Students worked in groups of 5 to find solutions to challenges the city of St. Gallen faces.

We organized a company visit at the square, close to Zurich airport, to learn about e-mobility and to hear the story behind the startup ev4all.

At the company visit at the ETH-Spinoff Wingtra, the students from HSG, ETH, and EPFL could learn more about what the journey of creating a startup in the drone space looks like.