Co-Founder Day HS 23

Co-Founder Day
We are excited to announce this semester’s Co-Founder Day together with START GLOBAL!

When and Where?
📍 Location: Square @HSG, Guisanstrasse 20 (9010 St. Gallen)
🗓 Date: November 18, from 9:00-18:00

What is it about?
During the Co-Founder Day, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to meet fellow, like-minded students from tech and business backgrounds, participate in team-building events, and hone your entrepreneurial skill set.
This semester we’ll have valuable inputs from the ETH & HSG spinoff „Lightly“, the huge promotor of startups „Startfeld“ and one of the most experienced venture investors „b2venture“. We are really excited to have so many different inputs from these unique guests! The day will end with an apéro at 16:00 o’clock.