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Do you have a smart business idea? Do you think your technological skills, network and marketing skills will guarantee you a successful entrepreneurial career? If so, you should not continue to read – you are a very lucky person and definitely an exception.

When it comes to transforming a business idea into a successful product, most people either have a technological or a business-oriented skill set. In Switzerland, there are a lot of highly talented and well-educated students from ETH, EPFL and HSG, all with brilliant business ideas. Having those students team up to establish a startup, or just drawing them together to share their knowledge and experiences with each other has enormous potential.

That is exactly what the Swiss Sequoia Club wants to achieve. We bring together highly motivated people from those three universities to connect the student startup ecosystems of Zurich, Lausanne and St. Gallen. We strive for a Swiss environment in which smart ideas (small seeds) result in fast growing, long lasting companies (Sequoia trees).

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Kick-off Event

We are excited to announce that our first event is here! All the tickets are booked out – if you want a slot on the waiting list, contact us on Where and when?🗓 Thursday, Read more…


We are very happy to announce our launch in October 2021. We are looking forward to all future collaborations, workshops and events!